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SPORT SHAVING specializes in fully restored vintage safety razors, Replating Razors, Double Edge Razors, Single Edge Razors, Straight Razors, and of course restored Shaving Brushes. We are located in Northwest, Louisiana.  

NEWLY REPLATED Rhodium 1940s British Gillette Tech Heavy 3pc Double Edge Safety Razor w/ original Bakelite Case, Blade Banks, & 2 NOS DE Blades for display

Stock #:  NBR0176

Price:  $154.95 + Shipping

SIMPLE, SLEEK, & EFFICIENT!!  This classy set has traveled all the way to the Good Ol' USA from across the pond in England.  This is one absolutely gorgeous razor and a great shaver too.  This British Gillette Tech Safety Razor is most easily recognized by its thick handle and great knurling.   This version features a handle similar to the American made Gillette Tech 'Heavy'.  This razor was first plated in nickel and lastly with a bright and shiny rhodium finish.   Easily visible on the underside of the razor head is the Gillette Logo and lettering MADE IN ENGLAND. The handle threading is still perfectly in tact and screws together tightly to hold a blade nice and snug.  This razors has a considerable amount of heft when considering its small size.  This hefty feel and great knurling makes it perfect for navigating the contours of your face and is sure to provide many baby butt smooth shaves, perfect for both the new and seasoned wet shaver.
Not only does this set come with this gorgeous razor, but also included is the original brown Bakelite Flip Open Case that this razor was sold with, both original bakelite blade banks, & 2 New old Stock DE Blades for display.  This case is in excellent condition with no noticeable scuffs or scratching and no cracks or broken pieces. This is a beautiful set sure to bring countless irritation free shaves and last for many many years to come.  This highly collectible set would make a wonderful travel razor that would easily fit in any Dopp Kitt.    

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