HOW TO Lubricate your 

Vintage Gillette Fatboy Adjustable Safety Razor

What you will need:

Vintage Adjustable Safety Razor

Tuf Glide Dry Lubricant & Protectant Bottle

Small Rag to Wipe Excess Oil from Razor


At this point your lather is now ready and you have enough for a 3-pass shave and touch-ups if necessary.  Remember to always prep your beard properly before shaving and wet your face before applying lather.  After all, it is wet shaving.

I hope this helps, thanks for taking the time to read through this tutorial.


By now you will be developing some nice heavy peaks in the cream and generating quite a bit of lather.  At this point you should have enough lather for at least a 2 pass shave shave, but if you are like me then one more repetition and a few more drops of water and you will have some excellent lather.  When swirling my brush I use a fair amount of pressure and will spin my brush clockwise, counter-clockwise, back and forth, etc. Whatever feels comfortable to you will work!

Your lather will start to thicken up and become more rich over the next 2 or 3 repetitions of this process. 

Your lather should be dry and paste like at this point.  Stir around in circles for about 15 seconds until the soap/cream is thoroughly distributed throughout the bowl and any lumps are smoothed out.

I then take my hand and dip it into the sink of warm water and let another 3-5 drips of water land in my bowl.  This process will be repeated several times over the next 2-3 minutes.  

Whether creating lather for a shave with a double edge razor or straight razor the process is the same.  This process works equally as well with your favorite mug, bowl, or shaving scuttle.  In this tutorial I am using a Shaving Scuttle with a vintage Butterscotch Bakelite Made Rite Shaving Brush. This brush has a 2-Band Synthetic 22mm Silvertip knot with a loft of approximately 50mm.  Typically I will let my brush soak in my bowl or mug of warm water while I shower.   If you will not be showering before your shave and instead prepping with a warm towel then a few minutes in warm water will work as well.  

There is more then one way to skin a cat, but this is how I prefer to create my lather.  This will work with a soap puck or shaving cream.

Start with a nickle size dollop of cream in your mug and shake your brush as dry as possible.  If using a soap puck, swirl your brush for a good 30-45 seconds in the soap and load your brush.  I then dip my hand in my sink full of warm water and let 3-5 small droplets of water land in my bowl near my dollop of cream.


Creating Shaving Lather

‚Äčwith a Synthetic Brush or Badger Hair Brush